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Why was my varicocele surgery unsuccessful?

This question was asked in Amity, Oregon and has 2 answer(s) as of 07/10/2013.
I am a high-school student from Slovakia. I have been to varicocele surgery twice. First time, the surgery was done laparoscopically and the second time it was done by long cut. Both of the surgeries were unsuccessful. My question is, whether it is possible that it is my fault that the varicocele remained. I mean, whether short recovery time after surgery (I have rested in my bed for 10 full days) may cause the varicocele to persist. Thank you very much for your help


Doctors Answers (2)

You are asking a clinical question that only a physician caring for you can answer. Some procedures fail because there often are many small veins which pass from the testicle up the spermatic cord into the abdomen and some of them may have been missed during the original procedure.

There may be multiple reasons why your "Varicocele Surgery" was unsuccessful. One of these, could be you may have compression of your left renal vein by another vessel. I would recommend you discuss the possibility of undergoing another test to image the retroperitoneal vessels. Good luck.

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