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Can I remove my varicose veins without surgery or radio ablation?

I have varicose veins on my legs. The doctors told me that it was not much for a removal through surgery or radio ablation. However these varicose veins, including spider veins, look ugly on my legs. Are there any medicines which can be taken inside to get rid of this? Are any stockings available for using on the veins? Also, is there any ointment or exercise?


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Varicose veins are structurally damaged. There is no medicine or cream that can fix this problem. Compression stockings will help reduce symptoms and likely compress the veins so they become smaller. However, these benefits Only occur while the stockings are worn. Basically, an abnormal vein can not be fixed or repaired. The common thread of definitive vein treatment is to eliminate the offending vein. They can be cut out, burned or chemically treated.

Unfortunately there are no magic lotions, potions, creams or pills that have been scientifically proven to help prevent or rid the body of varicose or spider veins. Graded compression stockings can help your legs feel better by "keeping blood traveling in the right direction."

To successfully and permanently remove large, bulging varicose veins, several things need to be done. First, the refluxing blood in the deeper veins that feed the varicose veins need to be stopped. This is done with radiofrequency ablation (closure, venefit) or endovenous laser therapy (EVLT). Second, the varicose veins need to be removed by a non-invasive procedure called ambulatory micro-phlebectomy. This is not vein stripping. These procedures are done in the office under local anesthesia. There is no post-procedure pain, and regular daily activities can be resumed immediately. Spider veins, which are the unsightly small, thin veins, can be treated with laser therapy or sclerotherapy, which involves injecting medicine in the veins with a tiny needle. Compression stockings will stabilize varicose and spider veins, but they will not make these veins go away or disappear. While exercise is good for your legs and your overall health, it will not help get rid of your vein problem. Neither will pills or ointments. This is because the underlying problem is a mechanical failure of the one way valves in your veins. The only way these ugly veins will go away is by stopping the abnormal blood flow in them by one of the treatments discussed above.

Once varicose veins get enlarged, stretched and twisted out of shape, they will not go back to their original shape either by medication, ointments, massage, exercise or just by waiting. Wearing compression stockings (medical grade hose) can help both with the appearance of the veins, with venous circulation, as well as slowing the rate of developing new varicose veins. However wearing stockings will not make varicose veins disappear. The best choice of treatments for the larger varicose veins are with either a laser or radio frequency ablation which are quick, office procedures. For certain situations the physical removal of bulging surface veins by micro-phlebectomy may also be considered. The use of ultrasound guided or trans-illuminated injection sclerotherapy can also be used for smaller branch varicose veins.

The most conservative things you can do are stockings, walking, and leg elevation. As far as procedures for your varicose veins you can have them treated with sclerotherapy (with or without foam,) which is when a solution is injected in the veins that "beats up" the veins and causes them to shut down. After sclerotherapy the varicose veins will be tender and bumpy for several months. The other option is to have a phlebectomy where we remove the varicose veins through tiny needle puncture holes that leave minimal to no scarring at all. No medicines will get rid of the veins completely. The stockings will help alleviate some of the pooling of blood in the veins and alleviate the increased pressure in the veins by keeping them compressed. I hope this was helpful.

The only procedure that can remove your varicose veins is through microphlebectomy which is a surgical procedure.

None of the options mentioned are effective or efficient to "remove" varicose or spider veins. Exercise, stockings are adjunctive or complimentary to a procedure (such as ablation ) but are not an alternative in themselves. As of today, there are no medical treatment (pills / ointment/ cream...) which can remove these diseased veins.

The short answer is no. Creams and ointments do little to nothing to affect veins. There are not medications that help either. Compression stockings can help symptoms but will not reverse the root issue. These problems are caused by leaky valves in the veins Until those damaged segments of venous system are removed, patients will continue to have symptoms including cosmetic issues with visible vessels.

Conservative management of varicose veins involves routine daily use of elastic compression support hose, moderate exercise, avoidance of prolonged sitting or standing when feasible, periodic elevation of the legs higher than the heart, calf muscle exercises, and avoidance of obesity. The treatment of varicose veins depends on the size, shape, and location of the varicose veins. While some are best treated with endovenous thermal ablation to seal shut relatively straight veins or microphlebectomy to remove large, ropy varicose veins, small varicose veins with multiple branches often are better treted with foam sclerotherapy injections. Oral medications or topical ointments will not solve varicose veins.

1) no medicines or stockings will get rid of the veins. There are stockings and medications that can help with the symptoms but not get rid of the varices. 2) having strong calves will help the symptoms as well but not rid you of your veins 3 ) there are minimally invasive treatments that will rid you of the veins. These include endovenous laser, phlebectomies, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, radio frequency ablation, clarivein and foam.

There are a lot of things you can do to help with your spider veins and varicose veins. The best thing I can tell you is your insurance will pay to treat your varicose veins if you have symptoms with your veins. I am happy to discuss a plan of care with you. Please call 830-257-6316 and make an appointment. We accept most insurance plans.

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