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What will happen if my injured varicose vein goes untreated?

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I was recently in a car accident. I also have a three inch long varicose vein on my leg, which became sore after the car accident. The bottom portion of the vein burst under the skin, leaving what looks like a three inch diameter bruise. Could these symptoms just be due to the car accident or are they a sign of more long-term varicose vein damage? What will happen if my injured varicose vein goes untreated?


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Varicose veins should be evaluated by your phlebologist. Symptomatic varicose veins are covered by most insurance companies. Injury to varicose veins can leave a large hematoma and at the time must be drained or removed.

Varicose veins can rupture and leave a bruise if traumatized and often results in a superficial localized venous clot (phlebitis), just like other veins. Even varicose veins have the ability to repair most traumatic injuries and the blood that drained out from the injury into surrounding tissues will be reabsorbed over time as the bruise disappears. That will still leave a varicose vein which would be poorly functioning and can continue to increase in size over time. It would be best to allow the injury to heal and then consider an ultrasound evaluation of your leg veins to determine the extent of your varicose veins and venous reflux. After the exam you can discuss the problem(s) with the vein specialist and consider treatment options for any problem veins. Modern treatments of varicose veins consist of minimally invasive office procedures with, typically, an immediate return to normal activities, work and school.

Trauma to a varicose vein increases the chance of blood clotting within the varicose vein. You may heal the injury, but you are likely to get worse problems with your varicose veins, so it usually is wise to seek an evaluation by a vein specialist about your problem.

It, most likely, represents intrinsic vein disease. All varicose veins enlarge with time, but typically it is measured in years. Treatment can be done at any time.

Most likely it is just a bruise from your car accident.

If a contusion simply ruptured the vein it will heal back the way it was. However, leg trauma can induce a blood clot which can be dangerous. Varicose veins have a higher likelihood of developing blood clots in general and should be treated for that reason.

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