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How effective are massages as a treatment for varicose veins?

This question was asked in Houston, Texas and has 3 answer(s) as of 10/22/2015.
Am I allowed to get massages on areas where I have varicose veins, or might this cause the veins to get worse? Will the massages provide any relief for the discomfort caused by my varicose veins?


Doctors Answers (3)

Massaging and elevating the legs will help reduce venous pressure and help relieve sore aching legs, but only TEMPORARILY. Massage will not make the varicose veins any worse, but is also not going to properly correct this problem. I recommend considering an ultrasound examination of the legs and discussing treatment of the varicose veins at a vein clinic. These are minimally invasive procedures that are highly effective in eliminating the varicose veins. It is fine to get leg messages both before and after varicose vein treatments.

The massage may decrease the pain and discomfort in the veins and legs. Massage will not hurt, but it may improve your symptoms.

Massage should not aggravate your veins unless they are already inflamed (phlebitIc). Graduated compression therapy correctly measured and fitted provides some relief by pushing blood into healthy veins. The best option is to seek an evaluation from a board-certified surgeon (American Board of Medical Specialties), including ultrasound to identify if there is an underlying cause (valve reflux), which is a covered medical condition if symptoms are present.

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