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Is swelling normal after varicocele surgery?

Hello, I had a varicocele surgery before 4 weeks in my left testicle. My testicle is still a little bit swollen and I can still see the enlarged veins. The method used is antegrade sclerotherapy. Is this normal or I need to get it checked?


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I don't treat varicoceoles and therefore don't have any first hand experience to help me answer your question. In general, whenever an invasive procedure (even injections are minimally invasive) is performed there can be some post-operative swelling. When I inject varicose and cosmetic veins, there can be some swelling in the areas treated. Also, some portions of treated veins will develop 'trapped blood' sections of veins that have closed down with small pockets of blood trapped between these closed spots. Imaging a pearl necklace, the string between the pearls represents the closed down vein and the pearl is the trapped blood. These too can lead to some swelling of the area treated. I suggest that you follow up with your treating physician and get properly evaluated and treated. Ignoring this may lead to more complications.

I recommend that you see an urologist to be evaluated.

Treatment of a varicocele - an abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform veins in the scrotum, may produce some temporary swelling but it is customary to have a follow-up exam to confirm the veins have closed and there are no complications. Possible complications of this procedure include a hematoma (pocket of blood in the tissues), hydrocele (accumulation of fluid around the testicle) as well as infection and trauma.

When the veins of the scrotal area are injected with a sclerosant then the veins will get quite swollen and inflamed. This will last for several weeks. Typically, a retrograde injection is performed and efforts are made to avoid getting sclerosant in the veins in the testicle. An ultrasound examination of the scrotum will confirm that the veins are occluded and that there is no other issues.

Yes it would be normal for swelling to persist but should be getting better with time. If the swelling is not improving or if it is getting worse I would contact the physician who performed the procedure.

That is actually a problem that is normally managed by urologists, and I would defer to their expertise.

You should get it checked out.

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