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Do I have varicose veins on my arms?

This question was asked in Soso, Mississippi and has 9 answer(s) as of 12/21/2012.
I have a small dark bruise like things growing on my arm for several months that have gotten bigger with a small hard painful lump in the middle of the bruise its a purpleish color around it and it has gotten real hard around the veins. Do I have varicose veins?


Doctors Answers (9)

Varicose veins rarely occur on the arms. i would recommend you see a doctor about this.

It's difficult to say without seeing the area on your arm. My suggestion would be to see your primary physician for a consultation. It does not sound like varicose veins, but I would have it checked to be sure.

What you are describing does not sound like a varicose vein. In general, varicose veins do not develop on the arm. In people with very low body fat, and as we age, normal veins just below the surface of the skin become prominent.

Unlikely. I would have to see it to be sure.

It is impossible to access your condition without seeing it. I'd recommend a visit to your family doctor.

The diagnosis of legs varicose veins involves a doctor's visit and an ultrasound exam. Arms venous disease may even require further tests (such as blood test..). I recommend you visit a vein specialist in your area to better answer your question.

Not a typical description of varicose veins! See your family physician or a dermatologist.

From your description, the blue bulge that became a painful lump may be a varicose vein with acute superficial thrombophlebitis (clot in a superficial vein). This is best evaluated in the office by a medically trained professional.

You probably have a trauma induced thrombus. It should resolve in a few weeks. But to be sure it's nothing to be concerned, have it looked at by a Dermatologist or your family doctor.

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