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What are the chances that spider veins will come back after treatment?

I plan on having my spider veins removed using sclerotherapy. What are the chances the veins will return after treatment? How long is sclerotherapy effective for? Is there a spider vein treatment which makes sure the spider veins will not come back?


Doctors Answers (3)

Following the treatment of spider veins, your veins will typically fade quickly over several weeks. If the reticular network of veins is also a problem and it is not treated at the same time, then the spider veins may not respond well and occasionally even more spider veins may form quickly following a treatment. When spider veins are treated and any underlying reticular veins are also included, then the results are usually long lasting. If you have further pregnancies or a job requiring frequent standing, then you may develop new spider veins with time. How long the results will last is not just dependent on the treatment method and technique used, but also on your family genetics, activity level, and career choice - and even choice of shoes is important in developing spider vein problems. I recommend regular activity such as walking, avoid prolonged standing, avoid high heeled shoes and consider wearing compression hose during pregnancies - especially if you have a strong personal or family history of prominent veins.

New "spider veins" will develop eventually. This is highly variable from person to person.

Spider veins are forever! You need to visit your local phlebologist and get a complete evaluation to establish the origin of your spider veins. Frequently, spider veins are only the tip of the iceberg. You need a good long term plan with treatment and a plan to slow progression. You will need to keep up with them year to year to keep them under control. If you have underlying chronic venous insufficiency with symptoms (aching, cramping, charley horses, swelling, itching, numbness and heaviness in your legs) that bother you, insurance will frequently cover treatment.

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