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What are the effects of caffeine on varicose veins?

I enjoy a good cup of coffee and maybe some Redbull now and then, but I have been reading that caffeine affects blood pressure. I also have varicose veins, so my question is, does caffeine have a long term effect on varicose veins? If so, what are the effects?


Doctors Answers (8)

Caffeine is a stimulant with a quick onset and long lasting effects. It can elevate blood pressure, increase the heart rate, it is a mild diuretic with some fluid loss, and may make it difficult to sleep easily. It also has benefits including as a stimulant with improve alertness and mental concentration. There is not any clear effect on the veins and the choice of how much caffeine is beneficial depends on how well it is tolerated and your total daily dose. If you have trouble with elevated blood pressure, an irregular heart beat or insomnia then you should avoid caffeine, but it should not effect your veins.

We just dont know if there are any long term effect of caffeine on varicose veins. Short term caffeine causes mild constriction of veins.

The caffeine has no effect on varicose veins. Caffeine increased the blood pressure in the arteries and should not effect your venous circulation. Your varicose veins are hereditary and can be the consequence of trauma and hormones.

Caffeine has no long standing effect on varicose veins. Enjoy your coffee and Redbull. Everything in moderation.

To my knowledge, there is no effect of caffeine on veins.

Caffeine constricts arteries but has little effects on veins.

None that I'm aware of.

There is no known effect that is clinically relevant.

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