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What are the risks of a microphlebectomy?

I'm considering getting a microphlebectomy for the varicose veins in my legs. However, it seems like a kind of invasive procedure, and I'm worried that there could be complications. What are the risks of getting a microphlebectomy? How should I prepare for my microphlebectomy?


Doctors Answers (6)

Microphlebectomy is a minor in-office procedure to remove superficial bulging veins. The treatment involves injecting your skin with numbing medication and then making a tiny puncture on the top of the vein. Next, a small instrument is used to pull out the dead vein. After the vein is removed, a band aid is placed over the puncture. Depending on how long the vein is, you may need multiple puncture sites.

Micro-phlebecotmies are the removal of segments of prominent varicose veins that are close to the surface of the skin, usually through several 1mm long incisions places along side of the vein after infusion of a local anesthetic. The risks are small and also dependent on the location of the veins being removed. Areas of greater risk include the region at and below the medial knee, around the ankle, and to a lesser degree across the shin on the lower leg. Risks can commonly include bruising, and soreness. The risks rarely may include areas of local skin numbness, which can be temporary or permanent, and infection.

I prefer foam sclerotherapy. Sometimes, depending on the vein size, microphlebectomy is an alternative. It's a fairly simple procedure, but it does not hurt to get a second opinion. Underlying pathology should always be treated before surface veins. Surface veins almost always are completed last.

All those questions are best addressed to your surgeon. The most common complication is slow wound healing. The infection rate is very, very small, about one in 300-400.

I would talk to your physician. We recommend no blood thinners for a week prior. Otherwise, we usually do the procedure in the office in a procedure room. The risks are that you could get a blood clot, bleeding, nerve injury, infection, hematoma or other complications. Most people do well without any complications

Microphlebectomy is a very minimally invasive procedure where the vein is removed through tiny micro puncture incisions. The risks would be limited to bleeding and infection (both very unlikely). Anytime you do anything to the veins, there is a risk of blood clot. I have never seen one from a microphlebectomy.

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