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What are the treatment options for spider veins around the nose?

I have a cluster of spider veins around my nose. I would like to get them removed, but I am a bit nervous because of their sensitive location. I am very familiar with vein treatments on the arms or legs, but I am uncomfortable with the thought of facial laser treatments. What are some of the different treatment options?


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Sclerotherapy works for spider veins around the nose, but may be a very rare cause of a stroke so many physicians prefer not to use it on the nose and adjacent to the nose. Laser treatments are the best approach for some of the spider veins at the nose. The VeinWave device may also work in this location utilizing a tiny electric current to heat the vein to seal it shut.

The two effective treatments to eliminate facial spider veins use either laser or radiofrequency. Both are effective for smaller veins, but one must avoid sun exposure for several weeks after laser treatment. Electrocautery is an older, less effective method which is more painful.

These can be successfully treated using a specific vein laser. It is important to have an experienced laser professional do these treatments. It can take several treatments depending upon the size of the veins and underlying diffuse redness. While they can be uncomfortable for a few seconds, cooling takes this away quickly. Some lasers very specifically target the smaller veins using a small spot size such as the Dornier FlexiPulse. This makes the treatment more tolerable. Sun protection is important daily (more often if outdoors). This should be an ongoing part of your routine as sun and wind damage (along with heredity) can contribute to new veins.

Other options besides laser would be radio frequency i.e. Veingoh or Veinwave.

It's uncomfortable but tolerable. There are not really many choices. All are uncomfortable. Some patients choose to take anti-inflamatory medication prior to treatment.

Spider veins on the face around the nose, cheeks and nasal alar region can be treated with your choice of different vascular lasers, which can all work well. Around the nose is a highly sensitive area and topical creams used to numb the area can also cause the fine red veins to constrict and disappear as a target for the laser so local cooling is usually the best option. Local cooling is both protective of the surrounding skin and has some anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties of its own. Care should be taken for darker skin colors and tans which limit the choice of vascular lasers.

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