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What is Asclera for varicose veins?

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I have heard friends talk about Asclera for vein removal. What is it?


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Asclera is the brand name for aethoxysklerol. It is an alternative sclerosing agent used extensively outside America since the 1960's and more recently approved in the U.S. a few years ago after a lengthy testing period. It is no better the Sotradecol which has been available in the U.S. since its introduction in 1946.

Asclera is a brand name for a sclerosant called polidocanol. It has been used in Europe and in this country for many years but only recently became FDA approved. When injected into a spider or varicose vein, it works by irritating the vein wall causing the blood within to harden or "sclerose". The vein is then eliminated over time. Other sclerosants often used include sodium decylsulfate, (STS), and glycerin.

Asclera is a sclerosant medication that is used to treat spider veins. It is injected into the leg veins by an experienced clinician. This medicine will cause the veins to collapse and seal shut. Over several weeks, the veins will gradually vanish. This procedure is called sclerotherapy. You can view our animation of sclerotherapy at: Although this product became FDA approved for use in the USA in 2010, it has actually been around for a very long time. The generic name for this compound is polidocanol. Polidocanol has been used for years in Europe and in the United States. It is an excellent sclerosant and is preferred by most phlebologists over hypertonic saline and other sclerosants. It was initially used over 50 years ago as a local anesthetic. As a result, it is less painful than other solutions. Since polidocanol has been around for a long time, we have extensive experience in using it.

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