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What is the best treatment for recurring varicose veins?

I had my veins stripped twice previously, but now they seem to be coming back again. What causes varicose veins to keep returning? And what is the best treatment to keep this from happening again?


Doctors Answers (3)

Recurrent varies after surgery can be a big problem after vein stripping. It seems to occur less often with minimally invasive procedures. I would recommend seeing a vein specialist, and see what is coming back and what the source of the problem is. A lot of times, what people call vein stripping could have been phlebotomies. I would recommend an ultrasound to see if the veins were stripped or if varies were just removed. As well, this can guide a minimally invasive treatment, if necessary, to treat the veins that remain.

The primary cause of the varicose veins, such as a refluxing saphenous trunk or perforating vein, needs to identified by doing a diagnostic vascular ultrasound evaluation and developing a treatment plan prior to treatment. Typically, varicose veins when treated from the source of the problem do not recur, although new varicose veins may develop over time in new locations due to pregnancies, traumas, and other causes.

Without any doubt you will benefit greatly from a comprehensive diagnostic Duplex ultrasound, and then consultation with a physician who has experience and expertise in the less invasive endovenous laser ablation techniques.

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