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What is the best treatment option for dark spider veins?

I have what I think are spider veins all over my thighs. They are small and do not protrude, but are definitely visible as veins through the skin. The problem is that they are so dark that they look almost black. I thought spider veins were more light blue/purple. Are very dark veins treatable? What's the best treatment option?


Doctors Answers (3)

The color of veins will depend on their size, with the smallest superficial spider veins being bright red in color due to oxygenation/gas exchange through the skin. As the veins get larger in size, the color shifts towards a more violet purple color due to increased levels of carbon dioxide being carried back to the lungs. Still larger reticular veins are a blue color. Superficial leg veins are best treated with sclerotherapy injections. This will treat the inside lining of the veins and allow them to close and be reabsorbed by the body. I recommend wearing compression hose for several weeks and staying out of baths and hot water for one month following vein treatment for best results.

Sclerotherapy is the best treatment option. Spider veins can come in different shades of purple, pink, green and/or blue.

All spider veins are treatable with different techniques. Sometimes there are veins just below the surface called reticular vein (feeder veins) and they can look dark blue/green. Spider veins on the surface can range from dark blue to light pink. It is important to treat the feeder veins as well as the spider veins as it will reduce the likelihood of recurrence. Most importantly is to get a thorough evaluation in an office where the surgeon and staff are experienced. Your evaluation will most likely include ultrasound examination and transillumination to look for the feeder vein and perforator veins (small communicating veins).

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