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What can I do if I am pregnant and notice varicose veins?

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I am 5 months pregnant. This is my second child. I am 36 years of age. My leg veins have been getting worse and becoming more obvious. I am getting newer veins too. My mother had veins that she got after her pregnancies. What can I do? Could I get treatment even if I am pregnant?


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You should wear maternity designed compression stockings, that will reduce the size of you varicose veins, and if you continue to be concerned re: your varicose veins symptoms, seek the advise of a vein specialist.

I would recommend using elastic compression stockings during the pregnancy with 30 to 40 mmHg compression at the ankles. You could have a doppler study to see if you have venous valvular reflux. If necessary treatment with endovenous laser ablation is possible during pregnancy but generally performed post partum when there is less stress on the venous system.

This is normal. The same hormones that stimulate your placenta to grow can also stimulate the rest of your vascular system. Add to this the increased blood flow and increased pressure on the veins in your pelvis and it's practically a recipe for varicose veins. The best option during pregnancy is compression stockings. I normally recommend a graduated stocking. These do not have too much compression over the foot and have more compression at the ankle than the calf and thigh. I would shoot for one that has a rating of 20-30mmHg. You can pick these up at Amazon and most local vein doctors will have them in stock. After the pregnancy if you are still having issues, it's time for an ultrasound of your legs to see what going on.

You should wait until after you deliver your child before undergoing any treatment for your varicose veins. In the meantime you can wear compression hose. They will reduce pooling of blood in your legs, reduce swelling, decrease the chance of getting blood clots in your legs, and will make your legs feel better. Ask your obstetrician to prescribe some for you. After delivery of your child, consult a physician that specializes in the treatment of varicose veins.

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