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What can I do to fix the painful vein on my toe?

This question was asked in Irvington, Kentucky and has 2 answer(s) as of 08/14/2012.
My left toe has very bad pain. It goes down through my toe. It is a vein that will pop up and gets big. It just started 2 or 3 months ago. What could it be and why?


Doctors Answers (2)

Toe pain is rarely due to varicose veins. Unless you have an unlikely AV malformation, you may have a neuroma or non-venous cause.

Elevation and compression stockings may gain quick relief from your painful toe vein, however isolated pain from a specific toe vein is not very common. So before treatment is done directly into the toe vein, I would advise evaluation to look for a possible source or cause of the pain toe vein. Since we stand erect, gravity is an issue with leg veins, and the problem causing your painful toe vein, may be coming from a source higher up in your leg. An evaluation with a vein doctor should be able to check and determine if there is a source to the problem. If there is a source or cause higher up in the leg, I would advise correcting the source first then attending to the toe vein. Otherwise, treatments into the painful toe vein alone, may be ineffective.

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