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What causes facial spider veins?

My mother and grandmother both have spider veins on their chins and cheeks, and I don't want to get them when I get older. What causes someone to have spider veins on their face? What can I do to keep from getting the same spider veins?


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Some of these veins can be genetic, but they can also be caused by sun damage and excessive alcohol use. Always make sure you are wearing a 30 SPF on your face every day.

Spider veins can result from very minimal injuries, such as rubbing the nose, abrasions from scratching, extremes in temperature and from sun damage. The resulting repair of this mild "wear and tear" causes the growth of small surface vessels and dilation of capillaries which are seen as spider veins. Use sun screen, and consider using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also call a photo facial or treat with a vascular laser, to remove the spider veins that you may have already acquired.

Since you can't change your genetics, avoid sun exposure, use sunscreen liberally, minimize alcohol intake, and use allergy medications if you have allergic rhinitis.

You have a 70 percent chance of getting them. This is genetic, and in some cases induced with certain medication and alcohol consumption.

The cause is hereditary. There is nothing you can do to prevent spider veins from forming.

Typically, it is inherited. Adding to this is sun/wind exposure. Using a high quality sun protection containing 10-12 percent zinc oxide not only is high SPF, but also acts as a physical barrier. Zinc is the "white stuff" our mothers used to smear on our noses. It is now micronized so is not visible when applied as directed. This should be used daily. If swimming, golfing, doing waters sports, etc., we recommend a product with a higher zinc content of 18-20 percent. It is important to reapply during the day if outdoors for prolonged periods. We use Badger brand, which is U.S.-made and all natural. These veins are easily and successfully treated by specific lasers, such as the Dornier Flexipulse, which has a small target beam. It may take several treatments, but continued sun protection is a must.

The most important factor you can control is sun damage, which causes spider veins on the face. Wear sun block; not just sun screen, but sun block that blocks UVA and UVB. Sunscreens only block UVB. Another cause you can help is if you get Rosacea, to get it treated, as that can cause spider veins as well.

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