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What clothes can make spider veins worse?

My friend told me that wearing jeans or leggings can cause spider veins. I'm worried because I do that all the time! What clothes could give me spider veins? How could jeans or leggings cause spider veins at all?


Doctors Answers (7)

There are no particular clothes that can make your spider veins worse. You can wear prescription-grade medical compression stockings to help prevent worsening of your veins.

Spider veins can be caused by mild traumas, such as with sports activities and with normal activity daily wear and tear, prolonged standing, hormonal changes and pregnancies. Clothes can be protective of the skin, but unless they are rubbing or pinching should not be a significant cause of spider veins.

I don't know of any specific clothes that can cause or make spider veins worse. However, any trauma to the legs, bruising, or abrasions can aggravate or cause spider veins.

Clothing choice does not effect spider veins.

Spider veins are typically an inherited condition, so look at your parents legs! The clothing you describe has not effect on your spider veins. Enjoy them.

There are no clothes that will cause spider veins unless you are prone to getting them due to heredity. The inherited tendency to get spider veins may be exacerbated by wearing exceptionally tight fitting leg and torso clothes. Mildly snug won't do it. There would have to be a tourniquet effect across the upper legs and/or waist area to occlude the venous return from the lower extremities, which most people would find objectionable.

Not that I'm aware of. If anything, they may be beneficial.

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