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What foods can help prevent varicose veins?

I know that eating a healthy diet will help keep my weight down, which will help prevent varicose veins from showing up. But are there any specific foods which will help even more? Like avocado or something? What foods would be the best to eat if varicose veins run in my family?


Doctors Answers (6)

A nutritious and varied diet is important for many reasons, but will not change your likelihood for developing varicose veins later in life. Excess weight is a burden for the entire cardiovascular system, but does not by itself cause varicose veins. The primary causes of varicose veins include your family genetics, amount of standing per day (often career dependent), number of pregnancies, and choice of shoes (flats with a good arch support are best).

Do not worry about foods specific to veins. I do not think there is any evidence to support choosing foods based upon varicose vein issues. Stay physically fit, avoid obesity, and do not sit for lengthy periods of time when you must not do so.

Varicose veins are an inherited problem. If you do not have them, and you have had children, you will most likely not develop them. That said we highly recommend a healthy weight, diet and regular exercise for everyone.

There really is no food that has been shown to prevent varicose veins. There has been some speculation that a diet high in fiber may be helpful, but there is no proof. I would just recommend a healthy diet and one that keeps you close to your ideal weight.

No foods have been shown to help. Micronized flavonoids and supplements like rutin, hesperedin and diosmin may help.

There are no foods nor supplements that prevent varicose veins. The two best measures are maintaining a proper weight and daily exercise.

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