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What happens to varicose veins after treatment?

Where do the veins go after they are treated? Do they get removed from the body? Or do they just stay there? What's the point of getting them treated if they stay in your body?


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When a varicose vein or smaller vein is closed following treatment, it may re-open in the first 4-6 weeks due to prolonged standing without wearing compression hose or due to vasodilation, usually from heat on the legs such as bathing. This is why we recommend wearing compression hose for a period of several weeks and avoiding hot water such as baths and saunas, etc. for the first 4-6 weeks following a vein treatment. If any veins re-open, then they will be rapidly repaired and not appear to have changed. If the veins remain closed for about 4-6 weeks, they will be re-absorbed by the body over time and will eventually no longer be visible (with veins it is "use it or lose it"). You body can repair or grow new veins quickly and easily whenever they are needed.

After a vein ablation, either by radio-frequency or laser ablation, the vein is absorbed into the body. After sclerotherapy, the vein is also absorbed into your body. However, after vein treatment with phlebectomy, the vein is removed from the body. Hope that helps.

Most modern treatment of varicose veins involves injuring the abnormal varicose veins with lasers selectively applied within the vein (endovenous thermal ablation) or with injection of a chemical (endovenous chemical ablation, sclerotherapy). The veins swell initially and seal shut. Over a number of months, the veins shrink and become tiny bands of scar tissue which often are difficult to find with ultrasound once the veins heal completely.

The cause of most varicose veins is the breakdown of valves in the saphenous veins. These are sealed from the inside with laser; there is no longer flow through them and it takes some time for the body to reabsorb the vein remnant. Varicose veins removed by microphlebectomy (tiny punctures and varicose veins pulled through with a tiny hook) means that the veins are gone. Cosmetically appealing. Large veins and spider veins injected are sealed off, collapsed by the solution and, again, take time to be reabsorbed.

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