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What long-term benefits will compression socks have?

I have been wearing my compression socks for about three months now. Will they help me in the long-term or are they only a short-term treatment? Will the socks make my varicose veins go away?


Doctors Answers (7)

The compression stockings will help control your symptoms, and they will help slow the progression of your vein disease. Unfortunately, they will not make your varicose veins get better or go away.

Compression socks are beneficial in the short and long run to reduce and prevent the progression of existing varicose veins and are helpful in preventing the formation of new varicose veins. Compression socks should be worn during the day and do not need to be worn in bed. The socks will help improve the circulation by reducing total vein volume and increasing venous flow. They will not however reverse existing varicose veins.

Compression stockings often relieve venous-related leg symptoms while worn for the short-term, and can slow down the overall progression of developing new veins long-term. They cannot make veins go away - treatment is necessary for that.

The socks help your symptoms, but don't treat the veins. They may make your legs feel better and help them not swell, but they do not treat the veins.

Compression hoses will not make your veins go away, but may help with symptoms and progression of the problem. Long term untreated venous insufficiency can lead to swelling, skin changes or stasis ulcers in the ankles. My patients are placed in hoses for varying lengths of time according to their insurance guidelines for conservative therapy. If you have already been evaluated and have symptoms, you can be treated for the underlying cause of these veins.

Graded compression of the right strength are important to help with painful symptoms and possibly slow the progression of the disease, but they will not cure the problem. Evaluation by your phlebologist and establish a treatment plan would be most beneficial.

They will not make the varicosities go away, but they do provide relief for symptoms and minimize swelling. Ultimately, they will fail to improve the situation.

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