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What makes Veingogh different from other treatments?

I am a little confused about the differences between laser and light treatments for varicose and spider veins. Specifically, what makes the Veingogh different from other treatments? How effective have you found it to be?


Doctors Answers (4)

I do not have a Veingogh in our office, but it basically uses an electric current/RF energy through a needle or fine wire to induce heating inside and along small vessels to close spider veins. Lasers can be used to treat small veins such as spider veins also by inducing heat within the vessel. The Veingogh and lasers are somewhat specific in that an electric current/RF will travel the path of least resistance, which is typically down the vein, and the energy from a vascular laser is absorbed mostly by hemoglobin inside of the vessel. Both can be effective, but are typically uncomfortable, especially for large numbers of veins, and are best for the smaller veins. Although we use lasers often on the face, neck, and chest areas, I still prefer sclerotherapy for most vein treatments.

Veingogh is very similar to Veinwave. It is more selective than light or laser treatment (it only treats veins). It works mostly on the face and on the face it works pretty well.

Veingogh is for tiny spider veins, but not for the larger ones. It has its place in cosmetics - just another tool in the box to achieve optimal results.

The Iowa Vein Clinic has used several thermo-electric devices, but none have proven as effective as sclerotherapy. We have not used Veingogh and do not plan on using it. Varicose veins are best treated by VNUS and phlebotomy.

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