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What procedure do you use to get rid of varicose veins on my legs?

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What kind of treatment can I get for Varicose Veins on my legs?


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The best treatment really depends on many factors: size, location, source, etc of the varicose vein, so before I could tell you exactly the best treatment for your vein, I would want to see it and evaluate it. Treatment options may include sclerotherapy (injection of a solution inside the vein to cause it to close), laser ablation (using a laser to close the vein) or phlebectomy (mini extractions of the vein).

Varicose veins can be treated by injection or thermal ablation; nowadays, surgery is rarely necessary. A qualified phlebologist can review which options are appropriate in your case.

There are many treatment modalities to remove varicose veins. First of all, it is most important to get a complete diagnostic evaluation of your veins to determine your exact problem. A treatment plan can then be made. One or several types of treatments may be used and may include an Endovenous laser procedure to seal off large truncal vein(s) using laser energy,(heat); Duplex Guided Sclerotherapy, performing sclerotherapy using an ultrasound to visualize veins below the surface; and Visual Sclerotherapy for veins seen at the skin surface, (injecting a solution, "sclerosant", with a tiny needle, directly into veins, causing irritation to their walls, leading to their eventual collapse and destruction).

Treatments range from open surgery to injection therapies. The answer depends on your particular issues. It's better to check with a practitioner who uses a variety of therapies, since there is no single therapy that is the best in all settings.

That, of course, depends on many factors and I thus cannot give a simple answer. Modern treatment of varicose veins can be performed in the office under local anesthesia, the same as in a dentist's office, and involve the use of lasers, injections and minor surgical procedures. For best results, see a physician that specializes in the treatment of varicose and spider veins.

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