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What is the recovery process for sclerotherapy?

I have varicose veins in my legs and was interested in sclerotherapy. I have a busy work schedule and fairly active lifestyle. I was wondering what is the recovery process for sclerotherapy?


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Following sclerotherapy, you will usually be instructed to wear compression hose on your legs for several weeks. However, they do not need to be worn in bed. There is no need for changes from an active lifestyle and exercise (wearing the hose) is beneficial following sclerotherapy. We also recommend avoiding hot water for a period of about four weeks including baths, hot tubs and saunas after your treatment to prevent re-opening the treated veins. Short warm showers work well, but avoid long or hot showers. After about one month, there are no further restrictions from hot water and baths. Wearing a lighter grade compression hose is entirely optional for individuals who stand for long periods in their jobs or daily activities.

Sclerotherapy at our office requires three after-care instructions for one week: 1. One hour of daily comfortable uninterrupted walking. 2. Avoidance of vigorous aerobic exercises. 3. Wear compression stockings during waking hours. Treatments are usually spaced three weeks apart. Discomfort is minimal if at all, so there is no actual recovery to worry about. Some treated veins discolor and take one or two months to completely fade.

Varicose veins can be treated via ultrasound guided sclerotherapy followed by a multilayer compression within an appointment lasting approximately 15 minutes. The patient usually returns to normal activity without any down time. During the recovery, you can experience pain and inflammation in the treated vein that may require drainage of trapped blood, this should be done within three weeks of treatment.

Sclerotherapy is usually used for spider veins as opposed to varicose veins and you may return to work within 24 hours.

You will be back to work same day.

Recovery from sclerotherapy is negligible. Typically you can resume normal activities. If your clinic uses compression hose you will be wearing them for a period ranging from several days to a week. You can still exercise, walk, and work. You should not have discomfort or restricted movement. Keep in mind that the appearance of veins may look worse and healing time varies from person to person, from days to weeks. Typically it takes a series of treatments (average 3-5) for resolution (80 percent is good). This is important to consider especially with warm weather coming up. Many people will schedule for the early fall to start.

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