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What is the saphenous vein?

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What is the saphenous vein?


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The Saphenous veins are the largest superficial veins of the legs which include the Greater Saphenous vein located along the inside thigh and extends from the groin to the ankle, and the Smaller Saphenous vein which is located behind the calf and extends from the knee crease to the ankle. They both act to collect venous blood from the skin and subcutaneous tissues and empty into the deep femoral veins in the muscles. The deep veins then return blood to the heart.

Saphenous vein is a superficial vein that returns about 10 to 15% of the blood form the lower extremity. The vein drains into the deep venous system in the groin area. The saphenous vein has a valve in the groin, if this vein valve is incompetent (Has reflux) the patient could develop varicose veins. The vein is located along the medial aspect of the thigh and leg.

The saphenous vein is the main draining vein in the legs. There's a long and a short one on each leg. When it doesn't function properly (ie draining blood back from the legs and back to the heart),varicose veins develop.

A saphenous vein is a vein in the leg that drains blood out of the leg and back to the heart. Each leg has a great saphenous vein, which travels along the front of the leg, and a small saphenous vein (also called the lesser saphenous vein), which travels along the back of the calf. Saphenous veins are part of the superficial venous system. The legs also have a deep venous system. Most problems related to varicose veins and venous insufficiency are related to leaky valves in the saphenous veins.

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