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What spider vein treatment is best for my skin type?

I have extremely fair skin, lots of moles everywhere, and spider veins. Some of the moles are in areas where I would like to have the spider veins removed. Is it possible to have the veins removed even if moles are in the way? Is there a certain type treatment that is better for fair skin?


Doctors Answers (2)

Spider veins are usually treated by sclerotherapy injections, which can be placed in many potential locations, and so it is usually easy to work around skin moles. Sclerotherapy is the best choice for leg veins. For fair-skinned patients, a laser treatment may be a good option on the face, neck, chest and shoulders. Specific moles that are large or suspicious, or are in places that get rubbed, or even cosmetically a problem can also be treated. Most benign moles do not need to be excised and are often treated with liquid nitrogen or other minimally invasive technique with good cosmetic results.

You are a good candidate for a possible combination of treatments. Initially, we would evaluate to see if there are "feeder" veins present (reticular veins) which would need to be injected. Depending upon the size and complexity of the spider veins, they could be injected or treated with laser. We always avoid the actual moles when treating, especially with laser. We prefer a clearance from a dermatologist otherwise. Fair skin can be safely treated with both laser and injections.

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