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What things can II do while sitting at my desk for long periods of time to prevent spider veins?

I have heard that sitting for long periods of time can cause spider veins. I work long hours at a desk job and am afraid of developing spider veins, especially since it runs in my family. What can I do while working at my desk to help prevent spider veins.


Doctors Answers (5)

The best prevention is being fitted for prescription compression stockings. These stockings will improve your circulation and help prevent vein disease.

You need to simply set a timer to remind you to take a few minutes each hour to get up and walk around. This helps to reduce venous congestion and fluid accumulation in the lower extremities and will also help limit lower back and cervical neck strain. When sitting for long times where you cannot get up, such as a passenger on a plane, consider rocking your foot up and down either on the front of your foot or the heel to move the calf muscle. This will help with the venous circulation, reduce leg cramps and reduce the risk of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Graded compression stockings will help.

Exercises like walking offer the best prevention.

Not much. You have either inherited the problem which will inevitably appear or you have not. If so, wearing 20-30 mm gradient compression stockings and elevating your legs when possible may help slow down the process but will not stop it.

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