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What treatment options are available for telangiectasias?

I have telangiectasias a couple inches below my right eye. I know there are good treatment options for varicose and spider veins, but what can be done about telangiectasias?


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Facial veins are best managed by a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, and the treatment options are different from leg veins

The term "telangiectasia" is synonymous with spider veins. Regardless of their location, they may be treated with sclerotherapy if large enough, or VeinGogh (radiofrequency).

That is a difficult area to treat. Mild sclerotherapy or dermpen may work.

Telangietasias or spider veins on the face can be treated with a vascular Laser with good results, and possibly an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) if you have fair skin and small red vessels to be treated. For visible small blue reticular veins around the upper cheek and around the eye you can have treated with either a vascular Laser or with a microphlebectomy that is done in the office to physically remove the visible vein segment through a 1mm incision. The vein is anesthetized prior to removal and there may be some minor bruising following either of the treatments.

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