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What type of doctors are qualified to treat spider veins?

During my last visit my dermatologist mentioned that I should have the spider veins on my face treated soon. I said I would think about it. The thing is, I've never heard of dermatologists treating problems with veins. Are they qualified to do so? How can I tell whether my doctor is qualified to treat my spider veins?


Doctors Answers (2)

Facial spider veins are best treated with the right laser, one that specifically targets the blood in the vessel. A dermatologist with a lot of experience and the right laser can treat these. Ask those questions and ask for before and after pictures. If you are unsure seek a vein treatment practice and ask the same questions. Some lasers provide multiple functions but do not do veins very well. Perhaps ask for a test spot with a before and after photo.

A dermatologist can absolutely treat veins, especially spider veins on the face.

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