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What type of doctors treat varicose veins?

I am wondering what type of doctor I have to go to to have varicose veins treated? Is this something that I should visit my primary care doctor about or a specialist? Do I get treated in the doctor's office or in a hospital?


Doctors Answers (2)

Most are treated in the doctor's office. Various doctors treat veins. You can see if they are boarded in Phlebology or specialize in treating veins. There are vascular surgeons, vascular medicine, dermatologists, interventional radiologists, and many many others that treat veins.

Most physicians are poorly educated regarding varicose veins and many primary care physicians will give you wrong answers because they were not educated about the modern evaluation or treatment options. Some are cynical about treatment of varicose veins because they have seen poor results from some vein 'specialists'" work. You may ask your primary care physician for recommendations or find someone on your own. Check the vein physician's website. Look for experience and training. While no credential guarantees excellence or results, I encourage you to look at to find physicians who have met certain requirements for training and experience treating veins and who have passed the only examination which thoroughly tests knowledge of venous disorders. The vast majority of varicose vein problems are treated in the physician's office.

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