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What can I do to prevent the compression stockings from causing discomfort?

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I have been wearing leg compression stockings for my varicose veins, but they leave red marks all over my skin when I remove them. Should I be worried if the compression stockings are irritating my skin? What can I do to prevent the compression stockings from causing discomfort?


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Any creases or wrinkles in the hose will pinch and irritate the skin, so you need a pair of properly fitted hose that are pulled up to smooth out any creases in the hose. Problem areas around the thighs, knees and ankles can be padded with soft cotton gauze to act as a cushion. If the hose do not stay up well, consider using a garter belt or try another compression garment (such as a Spanx-body shaper) on top.

While rare, some people become a little reactive to the hose. If you are wearing a medical brand which are measured and fitted to you and have "wrapped" yarns such as Bauerfeind or Sigvaris (there are more than this available) they typically do not cause a problem. Additionally you should avoid wearing moisturizers, soaps and lotions containing fragrances or petrolatum oils. This can be the cause of irritation rather than the actual hose. Launder in gentle soap but do not use wool washes, fabric softener or any kind of bleach additive.

Try pantyhose under the stocking.

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