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What vitamin deficiencies could cause my spider veins?

I've heard that spider veins could be caused by certain vitamin deficiencies. Spider veins run in the family, and I don't want to get them. How much of an effect do vitamin deficiencies have on the development of spider veins? Which vitamins play a role? What can I do about it?


Doctors Answers (7)

Vitamin deficiencies do not cause spider veins. It is better to have your nutrients as part of a healthy balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables than to eat fast food or junk food and supplement with a vitamin pill. The vitamin that is an anti-oxidant and helps with strong connective tissue is vitamin C.

There are no vitamin deficiencies associated with spider veins.

Although spider veins are inherited, I am unaware of any studies that show vitamin deficiencies can cause spider veins. And while I am sure some vendors will happily sell you vitamins and nutraceuticals purported to prevent or eliminate spider veins, there is no supplement than can alter your genetic fate.

Any role of vitamin deficiencies are essentially speculative.

There are no vitamin deficiencies that will cause spider veins on their own. Most spider veins are caused from a weakening of valves inside your veins, which are caused from your genetics coupled with some risk factors.

70 percent if varicose veins are genetic if one parent had them, and 90-95 percent if both parents had them. There are multiple venotonics available over the counter that claim to help. I'm not aware of any vitamin deficit that causes this.

To date, there are no scientific studies regarding vitamin effects on veins. There is some interest in nutrition compounds in European studies, but they are not definitive. You mention family history... this is generally considered an inherited condition. You may or may not develop them if there is a family history. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: regular exercise, good nutrition and weight control, no smoking. Factors which may increase spider veins are birth control pills, hormone replacement, and pregnancy. We recommend the use of compression socks and hose during pregnancy and for maintenance. There are many style and types which are stylish and comfortable.

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