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When can I resume exercising post sclerotherapy?

This question was asked in Stockton, Iowa and has 7 answer(s) as of 08/12/2013.
I had sclerotherapy done on both of my legs about 3 weeks ago. I wore compression stockings for 2 weeks per my doctor's request. I have been walking for exercise but I would like to get back to my normal work out schedule which is kickboxing. When can I start that up again? Will it be bad for the veins?


Doctors Answers (7)

You are safe to resume exercise now with your full workout. It depends on how big the veins are that you had treated. For very small spider veins we allow our patient to resume all workouts the following day. For bigger veins that are treated with sclerotherapy we normally tell our patients to resume all workouts in 2 weeks.

You must consult your physician for this question, only that provider knows your individual case in depth.

In most cases it is okay to resume normal activities, however since I do not know your specific case I can not advise you. You will need to consult your doctor.

I would recommend you discuss these plans with the treating physician. I would personally request you avoid returning to kickboxing as long as you're being treated with sclerotherapy and for an additional 3 months after completing your treatment.

You should be fine to resume your kickboxing.

2 weeks is appropriate time for you to resume kickboxing.

You should have no problem returning to kickboxing. Normally we recommend waiting 48 hours after sclerotherapy before any heavy exercise. Kickboxing will not be bad for your veins.

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