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When is endovenous laser ablation helpful?

This question was asked in Fairport, New York and has 4 answer(s) as of 08/12/2013.
I have already had 2 knee replacements and I often get cellulitis in my leg which has poor circulation. Would Edovenous Laser Ablation be safe in my case? Can it help get rid of my cellulitis?


Doctors Answers (4)

Endovenous laser treatment helps to treat incompetent veins. It is possible that you have vein disease in your lower legs and that this is causing your poor circulation. You will need a vascular ultrasound to determine if you have vein disease. If you have significant reflux in any of your leg veins then we can treat those veins with endovenous laser. After treatment your circulation will improve.

It's possible that you may have incompetent valves in your greater saphenous and small saphenous veins if you are getting leg swelling. A duplex Ultrasound evaluation would be necessary to determine this. If this test shows that you have venous reflux, then, a laser or radiofrequency closure procedure will help reduce the swelling and the cellulitis events you are experiencing.

You do not sound like you are a candidate for endovenous ablation. This procedure is done for refluxing (backflow) in your saphenous veins and should be diagnosed using an ultrasound. I would recommend you see an experienced vascular surgeon for a thorough evaluation to see if you have had any blood clots due to your multiple surgeries. Compression hose may also be helpful but get checked our first.

It is very likely you have venous problems that could be corrected with laser and foam ablation. Feel free to make an appointment and I can evaluate your situation and tell you exactly what you need.

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