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Where can varicose veins appear on the body?

I have a big lumpy vein on my lower stomach, right above my hip bone. I suspect that it's a varicose vein, but I thought varicose veins are only supposed to show up on people's legs. Is there any chance that this vein on my stomach is a varicose vein? Where can varicose veins appear on the body?


Doctors Answers (3)

You certainly can get varicose veins on your stomach and other places besides your legs. They are most common on the legs, but they can occur just about anywhere.

They can appear almost anywhere. When you see them in the abdomen it could be the sign of a more serious problem. Varicose veins could be the sign of a blockage or problem with other veins.

Varicose veins can appear on the legs and body. Mostly they are not painful, but may be the sign of a type of venous malformation - which may never cause a problem. If you wish to have this removed, you should be evaluated by an experienced vascular surgeon, including with ultrasound examination. Varicose means "worm-like." High on the body the prominent veins are mostly normal, but bulging due to loss of body fat in the skin, muscle building, etc.

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