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Which treatments work best for facial spider veins?

What treatments are the best for spider veins that show up on your face under your eyes? Do any of these treatments also help with wrinkly skin?


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Thank you for question. It depends upon what type / size / location of vein is in question. Many individuals complain about "green" veins around the eyes. Some patients feel these veins make "dark circles" under the eyes. There are some who don't like veins that bulge around the temples. And, some comment about the "broken capillaries" around the cheeks/bridge of the nose. Upon careful examination, the correct type of treatment is chosen. Injection (sclerotherapy) can be safely used on many of those "green veins" around the eyes Where as the "broken capillaries" around the nose are too small to safely place a needle tip and therefore are better treated with laser. This next brings up those bulging temple veins, most of which are really branches of an artery that supplies the sides of the face/head and should NOT be injected or lasered.

There are several option to treat facial spider veins. For larger blue veins, less common, sclerotherapy is best choice. For the small red veins there IPL , intense pulsed light, laser , such as vbeem, and Radio frequency devices like veinwave and veingogh. the IPL has some effect on skin texture and pigment but doesn't treat wrinkles, I like the Veinwave the best to treat the spider veins on the face because fast, effective and relatively painless.

Facial spider veins can be treated by sclerotherapy, laser, and by Vein Gogh an Ohmic Thermolysis System. For discrete spider veins I prefer the Vein Gogh. For large green veins around the eyes, I use sclerotherapy. For diffuse red veins covering the face, rosacea, I will used the broad band light by Sciton to perform photo facials. The photo facial does stimulate collagen, this may have a beneficial effect on fine wrinkles.

Veinwave seems to work very well.

Spider veins on the face, nose and cheeks can be treated with a number of different vascular lasers that target the red of hemoglobin and are used with proper eye protection.

Spider veins on the nose and face are best treated with a laser. Treating facial spider veins with the laser will not help wrinkly skin. You can, however, use the laser to treat facial wrinkles and improve facial skin tone, but the settings on the laser and the treatment parameters are totally different from those used to treat spider veins. They are 2 different treatments.

Facial spider veins are best treated with a laser, such as a 940 nanometer pulsed laser. Some IPL (intense pulsed light) systems can also treat small red spider veins on the face. Larger blue veins that can occur around the eyes are best treated with a 1064 nanometer laser. The lasers that treat spider veins do not help with wrinkly skin. Laser treatments for wrinkly skin require a different type of laser. Sclerotherapy is usually not used on the face.

Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) is the gold standard for treating facial spider veins. The V-Beam Perfecta is the best current Pulsed Dye Laser. An 1064nm Nd:YAG laser can also be used but is more prone to causing side effects. IPL's are not nearly as effective as the PDL or Nd:YAG lasers for removing facial spider veins.

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