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Who is most at risk of developing varicose veins?

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Who is most at risk of developing varicose veins?


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Conditions that make a person more likely to develop a particular condition are called risk factors. In varicose vein disease there are several risk factors. The top ones include being a female (with the accompanying female hormones naturally produced), having pregnancies and family history of varicose vein disease. Also important are standing occupations, using birth control pills or replacement female hormones, trauma, and injury. Obviously, the more risk factors one has, the more likely one is to develop varicose vein disease.

Varicose Veins do not discriminate, really anyone can get them. Factors such as genetics, pregnancy, or even trauma to the legs can cause varicose veins. Men and Women between 35 and 65 are the most common ages to develop them but, we have seen younger people get them as well. If you are someone who stands stationary daily while you work, you had trauma to the legs such as a car accident or was hit by an object, or your mom or dad had them these are all things that can lead to varicose veins.

The risk of developing varicose veinsis a combination of both genetics (from both your mother and father's side) and environmental factors including the number of pregnancies, a lack of physical aerobic activity, prolonged standing which is often work related, high heeled shoes which keep the calf muscle contracted and reduces venous return to the heart. You can reduce these risks by wearing compression hose during pregnancies or if you have a job requiring prolonged standing or a strong family history of varicose veins. Also walk and exercise regularly, and chose appropriate shoes with good arch support and flat heels. If you have diabetes, keep it well controlled. Excessive weight has its own problems but does not contribute to varicose veins. Crossing the legs while sitting is also not a cause of varicose veins.

If one of your parents have varicose veins, then there is a 70% chance you will as well, if both parents have varicose veins, then there is a 95% or greater chance you will develop varicose veins.

You are at risk if it runs in the family. Varicose veins are hereditary.

There is a 50% chance patients over the age of 50 will develop varicose veins In addition to age, females in their reproductive years are prone to develop varicosities due to the estrogen hormone effect on vein walls Finally, a positive family history of varicose veins is a strong predictor of developing this ailment.

Heredity plays a major factor in the development of varicose veins. Therefore, individuals with parents or other family members with varicose veins would potentially be at risk for development of varicosities. Other factors include female gender, multiple pregnancies, and certain occupations requiring prolonged standing may increase the risk of developing varicose veins.

Anyone is at risk. In females the biggest risk factors are hereditary, child birth and obesity In men, the two biggest risks are hereditary factors and obesity. Hope this answers your question.

Multiparous women who have parents with varicose veins.

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