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Why do I have spider veins everywhere?

My friends who have spider veins only have them on their faces and legs. I have spider veins everywhere! Why do I have them all over my body? I think they look ugly and want to get rid of them, but how much could the cost of treatment get up to? Would I need to do different kinds of procedures on different parts of my body?


Doctors Answers (5)

Spider veins are treated differently in different parts of the body. Typically, on the legs we will evaluate your veins with an ultrasound to determine if you have underlying deeper vein problems. We treat the deeper veins first, and then treat the spider veins on the surface of your skin. It depends on how extensive your veins are in deciding the cost of the treatment. Sometimes, the treatment will be covered by your insurance company. Veins on your face are treated by IPL intense pulsed light. This treatment is not covered by your insurance company, and the cost can only be determined by visiting our office.

Spider veins are more common on the face and legs but can occur anywhere on the body. Skin traumas, pregnancies and sun exposure may all be possible contributing factors. The treatment is usually sclerotherapy for the legs and mid body. Laser may be a good choice on the face, neck and chest to eliminate the spider veins.

These types of veins are basically an inherited trait, but can be aggravated by sun/wind exposure/damage. You should be evaluated by an experienced vascular trained surgeon experienced in treating superficial veins before any type of treatment plan can be established. A full medical history should be taken. Treatments do vary by area. The face is typically treated with special vascular lasers. Other areas of the body can be laser and/or sclerotherapy injections, depending upon the location and size of veins. Treatment costs vary from region to region, so without a consultation, it isn't possible to estimate cost. You may want to consider focusing on particular areas first if you have extensive veins.

You need to have a complete evaluation and consultation in order to figure this out. If you have symptoms with varicose veins, then insurance will usually cover the treatment. Pure cosmetic treatment is not covered. I think with the right plan and physician, this is affordable.

It could be you are prone to them genetically, or that you are just more prone to them. Treatment depends on who you see and what part of the country you are in. They can use radiofrequency ablation of the spider veins (like Vein Gogh), injections (sclerotherapy) or laser to treat them.

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