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Why do more women than men have spider veins?

I read in a women's magazine that women usually have a higher chance of getting spider veins than men. Why is this? Should women be doing anything different than men to prevent spider veins?


Doctors Answers (2)

Women have more hormonal influence on veins than men. Female hormones, pregnancy, birth control medications, etc. can all increase the incidence of spider veins. Mostly these are inherited too. Men often have spider veins. but due to the amount of hair on their legs, often they do not show. We treat quite a few men with spider veins in our Center.

Women have different hormones than men! Pregnancy accelerates the stretching of veins with time due to the changes in hormones with pregnancy and the compression of the veins in the pelvis by the enlarging uterus. Exercise, manage a normal body weight, avoid prolonged sitting or standing when feasible, and wear elastic support hose.

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