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Will excessive exercise cause varicose veins?

I am a male and I want to bulk up and start lifting weights and gaining muscle mass. I have some noticeable veins. I have seen pictures where body-builders have bulging veins on their arms and legs. Will working out cause my varicose veins to worsen?


Doctors Answers (3)

Maybe. It's a better idea to be evaluated and treated if needed. Insurance covers the treatment of symptomatic varicose veins.

If you already have noticeable varicose veins, weight lifting can exacerbate their size due to increase in venous pressure when you lift weights.

When you see body builders with prominent veins, this is more due to subcutaneous fat loss than the veins themselves. If you intend on being a body builder and leaning down, your veins may become more prominent. If you have varicose veins then any heavy weight lifting that causes you to do a valsalva maneuver where you bear down can cause the veins to worsen.

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