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Will insurance pay for varicose veins treatment?

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Will insurance pay for varicose veins treatment? I was told that it has to be for medical reasons and not just cosmetic.


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Insurance pays for varicose veins if you ha e venous valvular reflux. It will not pay for spider veins.

Most major insurance carriers will pay for treatment of the underlying cause of varicose veins; venous reflux. If you have venous reflux your insurance should cover treatment. Most experienced vein clinic will do all the necessary paperwork to attain a pre- authorization.

Will insurance pay for varicose veins treatment? Generally, several criteria need to be met to qualify for insurance coverage: . Patient must have symptoms that interfere with daily activities . There needs to be objective evidence of the disease. This is documented with Duplex ultrasound. . The patient must have a trial of conservative treatment with compression hose (6-12 weeks depending on your insurance company) All of this should be covered at your consultation.

It depends on a number of factors. What type of insurance do you have. Is your varicose vein problem medically necessary or cosmetic. You would need a consultation to determine the answer to your question.

Sometimes varicose vein treatment is covered by insurance. If a full evaluation shows venous insufficiency (which is almost always present with a varicose vein), and the patient is having symptoms (such as pain, aching, swelling, tenderness, bleeding), then most insurances will pay for the treatment.

Yes, most insurance will pay for varicose vein treatments but you are also correct in that it must be for medical and not purely cosmetic reasons. That simply means that you must have symptoms such as pain, leg cramps, aching, heaviness, swelling, restless legs, itching, skin discoloration, ulcers or any of the other myriad of signs or symptoms of venous disease. If you have any of these, you have a medical reason for treatment and your insurance will cover you treatment.

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