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Will laser treatment remove the blue veins under my eyes permanently?

This question was asked in Brooklyn, New York and has 3 answer(s) as of 02/12/2015.
I am only only 18 and blue veins showed up under my eyes out of nowhere. They make me super self-conscious and I was wondering if laser treatment will get rid of them forever? If I treat these veins, will more just show up in their place?


Doctors Answers (3)

Not certain about these veins. I would suggest an evaluation in person.

Facial veins are more visible in fair-skinned people, including the blue reticular veins and small red spider veins. Lasers are often used to treat veins around the eyes. It may require more than one treatment and the results are long-lasting to permanent. After the veins are closed they will be gradually reabsorbed by the body. Whether you ever get new problem veins on the face depends on your genetics and environmental factors including sun exposure, extremes in temperature, and other small traumas or injuries to the skin.

Great question. Laser can be used to remove these blue veins, but they must only be done by an experienced practitioner and a specific type of laser. Typically one to three treatments depending upon your response. As far as knowing the future development of new veins in this area, it is very difficult to predict. As we get older, we lose the body fat layer in our skin (hence wrinkles) and veins will become more prominent. I would recommend you avoid treating at your age, use a little make-up.

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