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Will microphlebectomy cause scarring?

I have read that a microphlebectomy involves incisions into the skin to remove the varicose veins. Will this cause permanent scarring?


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This should not cause any permanent scarring because it is performed with microperforation. A bandaid is applied to the site and there is no down time from the procedure.

The old stripping procedures used many years ago produced scarring, which was improved in later phlebectomy procedures of stab and ambulatory phlebecotmy. In our office we remove veins with a micro-phlebectomy through several 1mm incisions along the side of a bulging vein, after it has been anesthetized. The 1mm incision is closed with a piece of steri-strip tape and does not need to have a suture. The location of the vein and the incisions are typically not visible at 1 month after the procedure.

Microphlebectomy is removal of varicose veins through tiny "punctures" rather than incisions. In experienced surgical hands these a very small and require no stitches. Depending upon how an individual heals, there are usually no marks at all. At the very most there may be a spot the size of a freckle. Scarring is rare unless you have a propensity to develop keloid (raised scars). It is important to choose your surgeon carefully, experienced in vein procedures and check before and after pictures. We often recommend our patients talk with some of our former patients about their results.

When I perform a phlebectomy I use a device that makes a micro puncture hole that is about 1mm in size. This leaves minimal to no scarring. The small hole should be nearly impossible to find after a few months. It is wise to avoid sun exposure after the phlebectomy to prevent the little holes from pigmenting.

If performed correctly scars are very small and hard to notice.

Very small scars will always be present, and can be seen with close inspection.

If you scar any cut will cause some scarring. I can tell you that when we do microphlebectomies our incisions are extremely small and usually heal with minimal-to-no scarring. I would discuss this with your physician as a few tiny scars may be worth getting rid of a large, ropey, unsightly vein.

The microphlectomy procedure does require small incisions to be made over or besides the vein or veins that will be removed. These incisions are made with a needle or small puncture device. A special hook is then used to remove the vein in sections through these small incisions. These incisions are not anything like the old vein stripping procedure. One will not have the large scars of that procedure. There will be very small scars from the punctures that are not noticed.

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