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Will my varicose veins disappear immediately after treatment?

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If I get varicose veins treatment will my varicose veins go away right after the treatment? Does it take longer? How long? I would like the results to be immediate.


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If you require immediate results you may prefer the older surgical method which simply removes veins. However, there will some discomfort along with a healing period from days to weeks, scars remain, an anesthetic will be necessary, surgical risks apply, and the cost is high. All those disadvantages go away if you can be patient and have a non-invasive procedure (injections or thermal ablation), but it usually takes a few weeks or months for complete visible disappearance of the vein which slowly shrinks and fades. Both methods work very well so it's a decision between fast results with some scarring, high costs, and risks vs. being patient.

We would all like immediate results (patients and physicians), unfortunately reality and experience has taught us to be cautious of "quick fixes". A typical patient may require several visits to treat their varicose veins. Visits are usually 1-2 weeks apart. Doing the math, you can figure several weeks to months to get cosmetic results. The good news is that medical benefits occur rather quickly compared to aesthetic benefits.

If you are referring to sclerotherapy injections, then no, they will not go away immediately. They will fade over weeks time. You may have some initial bruising, so they may even look worse before they look better. Varicose vein treatment is a process, so there is no immediate treatment for them.

Varicose vein treatments including laser endovenous ablation and phlebectomy usually produce immediate improvement but may have mild bruising. small varicose branches and reticular veins treated with sclerotherapy injections usually improve immediately but to fully disappear may take over 4-6 weeks.

Usually the veins go away right away. In about 15% of patients the veins persist below the knee will require ambulatory phlebectomy.

Every case is different, and treatments vary. Some insurance companies limit therapy. On the other hand, for a cash-paying patient who wants a fast and complete result, an experienced vein practitioner can usually provide it. Talk it over with your doc.

The only way your varicose veins will disappear immediately is if they are removed by phlebectomy, (provided they are large enough to qualify for this procedure).

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