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Will a phlebologist be able to examine my arteries for serious vein diseases?

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I'm 58 years old (female) and have tons of spider veins all over my legs (up, down, inside, outside, red & blue) that started at 21. I don't have bulging varicose veins but do have easily visible blue long, flat wide veins too. I'd like to see a phlebologist. I've tried sclerotherapy three times in the past 3 decades (with different dermatologists using saline; most recent 10 years ago) but it didn't work for me and lots & lots more veins that have developed through the years where I was treated & in areas that weren't treated. I'm concerned about having my legs treated as my maternal grandmother had both her legs amputated due to "poor circulation". This was in Italy in the 1960's when she was in her early 70's. My relatives there really are clueless as to any details. I'm wondering if peripheral arterial disease might have been the problem. Does a phlebologist check out the arteries too? Is it safe to treat veins if arterial disease turns out to be a problem also, please? I hate so very much the way my legs look and have been hiding them forever but I am grateful to God to have legs! Do you think seeking these newer treatments that have come out in more recent years would be a safe option for me, given the family history? Thank you for your kind reply.


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A phlebologist can check your arteries but cannot treat them. Most people have leg amputations due to arterial blockage which has nothing to do with vein disease. If you had sclerotherapy with saline, then you haven't had expert sclerotherapy. See a qualified phleblologist

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