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Will there be bruising on my legs if I get endovenous laser treatment?

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If I get my legs fixed of varicose veins from the endovenous laser treatment will my legs have to be bruised? How long does it last. I am a 63 year old female.


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Every patient is different and can have a different outcome when it comes to bruising. Generally, there is some bruising involved but there are natural homeopathic care products like Arnica Montana and Bromolene available to make the discomfort and bruising time less. Bruising tends to last from 7 -10 days.

The newest 3rd generation lasers with frequencies over 1300 nm do not cause bruising, but the injections of local anesthesia along the vein often do. Older lasers with lower frequencies cause extensive bruising. Worse than bruising, which always fades in a few weeks, is the post-treatment pigmentation from veins just under or on the surface. This appears as a linear green/brown discoloration which typically fades slowly in a few months and is normal after successful thermal ablation.

Bruising is to be expected, to what extent depends on how easily you bruise. Bruises are usually resolved in two weeks. I had a small quarter size bruise after my procedure on my inner thigh and was gone in one week.

Brusing can occur with endovenous ablation of varicose veins but it is not common. If there us brusing it usually resolves in about a week.

Bruising can happen, but not always. If it does happen, it will clear up in 3 weeks.

Not everyone bruises after endovenous ablation. There are many variables but a lot will depend on what type of laser is used, how much energy is delivered, how deep the treated vein is from the skin surface or whether you are taking medications, such as blood thinners, which will increase your chance of bruising. There are other variables, too numerous to mention here, but the bruising itself is painless and will completely resolve in several weeks. Generally speaking, someone your gender and age, I would not be surprised to see some bruising.

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