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What is the advantage of the Sciton Laser?

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What is the advantage of the Sciton Laser? It is very versatile in what we are able to with it. It is a platform with multiple machines that can be attached to the platform and each of these machines is allowed to do different functions. The advantage of it is sometimes these procedures can be done simultaneously or one right after the other to enhance the results. The other advantage is because of the way that this laser was developed, the skin resurfacing component is tunable, which means that you can adjust the depth of the resurfacing to which ever level you wanted to go. It is a highly sophisticated system which is very versatile in what we are capable of doing and it allows us to do everything from the skin resurfacing to photo facials to stimulating collagen, to hair removal if we chose to. There are many types of treatments which can be effectively performed with this device.

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