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Is there an anti-aging effect with photofacials?

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Is there an anti-aging effect with photofacials? There has been some very exciting work published recently by Patrick Bitters in conjunction with Stanford University using the Sciton Broad Band Intense Pulsed Light system. What he has been able to find is just that there are genes which slow down the aging process which are activated by performing the photofacials. And there are genes which slow down aging, which is also being activated This research was instituted by Dr. Bitters when he realized after performing photofacials on patients for 15-20 years, that the population which he was following appeared younger than their state of age. And so he decided to do studies with Stanford looking at the gene activation, doing biopsies on the skin and looking at some of the markers, and this exciting research does indicate that there is good evidence that photofacials do in fact slow down the effect of aging on the skin.

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