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Can people with all skin types get vein treatment?

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Can people of all skin types get vein treatment? Answer: Certainly they can because people of all skin types can get vein problems. So anybody can get varicose veins regardless of skin color and skin type. Then they can also develop complications of those vein problems as well. They we perform treatment of varicose veins in our office is through laser treatment. We are able to close the veins from the inside after we inserted laser into the vein. This is not affected by the color of the skin because we are not doing the laser from the surface. Now, when we treat spider veins or smaller veins on the surface of the skin, you may choose to only use our gold standard of injections sclerotherapy to treat veins of the darker skinned patient or we may occasionally use a laser on the surface to treat spider vein in addition to sclerotherapy for people with fairer skin.

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