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Can vein treatments relieve pelvic pain?

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Can vein treatments relieve pelvic pain? Pelvic pain is sometimes caused by vein problems. For instance, if there is compression of a vein in the pelvis from an artery overlying the vein, that limits blood flow out of the pelvis causing varicose veins to back up in the pelvis with pain. That is treated by placing a stent across this area to open up the flow. Second, sometimes there is a reversal flow from a vein up here coming down near the kidney down to the ovary so that the blood will run down into the pelvis, creating varicose veins in this area; and we treat this problem by sealing this vein shut so blood can no longer run into the pelvis. By relieving the varicose veins and the pressure in the pelvis, we can then relieve the pelvic pain.

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