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Do I need the veins you are going to treat?

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It's very common for people to ask: "Don't I need the veins that you're going to treat? These are big veins and they seem very important to me." And it's a very good question, and almost everyone has that. The quick answer is that no, you don't need those veins. And here is why, those veins are not working well. The blood is not flowing, the blood is pooling, that's why they are dilated and extended and why it may be casing in some cases symptoms or swelling and other issues. There is plenty of vein capacity in the vein system and although it will be ideal to fix the vein, there is no good way to fix these veins but it's very clear that the blood flow will be much better, much more efficient, if we get rid of those bad veins and let the blood flow through the good remaining vein that you have. Not only will your legs tend to look better but they will feel better, and if you have problems such as swelling that should improve as well.

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